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I saved the best for last. Our final dinner at the Ana Mandara was my favorite from the trip, not necessarily because of the meal itself -although I’ll take double triple scoops of that homemade salted caramel ice cream any day- but rather it was the company,           conversations and climate we were in. We literally had our toes in the sand, wine in hand, on ‘Nha Trang’s only absolute beachfront resort’ which gave us a panoramic view of the Bay all to ourselves. We could see the silhouettes of other islands (or mountains?) against the night sky while the ocean’s salty breath was skimming by; it was all very picturesque and the ideal way to end our           holiday.

Before any of us touched wheels in Vietnam, this evening was already planned by our Nha Trang host extraordinaire, TK. I assure you he’s a good friend and not a hired host slash tour guide slash photographer! TK went to the extent to send out the local and Western menus and allowed us to choose between the two and even mix ‘n match if we wished. We didn’t complicate it for the kitchen too much; we went with the entire local menu minus the dessert option. Chocolate ANYTHING, over sweet potato fritters.

We must have been too busy plotting our 2015 takeover, both as individuals and couples, that not all plates made it in time to be shot. The meal really was exceptional, and it would be a shame not to share it with you all. So, here’s the complete menu for your   reference…

STARTER oysters with wasabi ice, honey and coffee cured salmon

SALAD crispy soft shell crab

SOUP corn with crabmeat

EARTH twenty-four hour marinated pork belly with Vietnamese spices

SEA grilled lobster with tamarind sauce, lobster ravioli, garlic and chili fried rice

DESSERT lava chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, banana, salted caramel ice cream


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    ahhhh what cute couples and amazing food adventures!

    • PattisPalette

      thank you! and thanks for stopping by 🙂