IMG_8998Pregnancy, especially for first-timers, is uncharted territory and at times can feel overwhelming and intimidating. Whenever I’m struggling, I focus on the miracle of what’s going on inside – creating a human from one miniscule cell to what will become a living, breathing person capable of loving, learning and contributing to this world. Someone that your family and friends are dying to meet and sprinkle with loads of love even before he/she is born. Enter a +plus+ side of baking a bun :: the BABY SHOWER!! This is something positive all new Mama’s can get excited about, whichever way you want to do it. Sharing with you what mine looked like…

CPZS8570IMG_8971IMG_9032IMG_8961I spent a lovely afternoon with my sisters in Manila, everyone there to celebrate #babypheartj. ‘Full’ and ‘blessed’ express how I felt being around such powerful, loving and giving females whom I have the honor of calling my girlfriends. My social life has gradually grown to be more intimate (although my golly, it seems like a big group when I reviewed the pictures) no longer loaded with casual acquaintances… The more at ease I’ve become with myself, the better friend I’ve turned out to be. That kind of vulnerability and openness has made for deeper connections and authentic exchanges. The friendship I have with all the women who came to my shower is cherished and greatly valued in their own unique way. Together, we had an entertaining time playing a few games (ever heard of ‘Orgasm or Giving Birth‘?!), opening gifts and chatting away over scrumptious afternoon tea.

IMG_9263IMG_9095IMG_9302IMG_9256IMG_8966IMG_8960Special thank you to Chere, Xandra and Mom who co-hosted the event and made it so memorable and meaningful for me. There’s only a first time once and I’ll never forget this gathering and the reason for it.

YouTube video here.