Oh my gulayyy! Something has been cooking and it’s out of the [toaster] oven and served online for all of you, my friends. I’m thrilled to announce that I have my chance to cook in front of the camera and share the experience first-hand in this digital space. This is all quite new to me, I’m really excited to meet my viewers and learn what you like to eat, can’t stand to eat, would like to eat more of and so on. You get it, there’s going to be lots of eating happening here. I’m looking forward to developing my kitchen moves and strengthening my hosting skills one recipe at a time… Are you ready to find out what this is all about?!

First let me ask you, “Does your baon need fixing?” More often than not, whenever I have a shoot or when I’m off to work at Sweet Patti Cakes, I bring my own meals. I usually save eating out for the weekends and occasional week-night dinners, or when traveling of course. I don’t know about you guys but I actually enjoy preparing packed lunches for Jon and myself. It’s cute, it’s an act of love and it’s something I care to do in my home kitchen. Getting food ready during the week, though, can leave you clueless on what else to make each time. There are only so many sandwiches we can think up for Monday to Friday, and ideas tend to run out fast.

Well, you’re in luck because a bunch of -always- hungry millennials and myself put together a spankin’ new food show that will dish out fun, delicious and super easy baon recipes.

Baon Fix on Blue BrownThis is it, #BaonFix! Think about it, sweet Sriracha wings and ramen-crusted pork chops in 5 minutes or less?! You’ll definitely bid      sayonara to boring baon for good. I mean, who can resist a bacon meatball melt come lunch time? You’ll have to wait for that one…

Sweet Sriracha Wings 1Ramen-Crusted Pork Chop 3If you’re already drooling and starting to get curious, please watch our first episode – hot off the pan!

Let’s continue to whip up wonderful baon creations every week on TV5 Originals. Leaving you with a humble tummy grumble request from our team – please ‘Like’ us on Facebook and follow us on IG.

  • bebettes

    I am so excited to view the 3 recipes given and I am excited to see more to do baons, such an easy ways to learn how to prepare such simple food for people with buzzy schedules .