ja078I know, it’s vacation. Why are ‘healthy’, ‘juice’, and ‘exercise’ even part of this post?! Up until a few years ago, I would have thought the same… I couldn’t pass on tips back then for balancing wellness on the go. Noticeably, I have embraced, for lack of better words, “healthy living”, in my late 20s and my outlook on advancing this is absolutely positive. I was recently in Los Angeles -on vacay!- and spur of the moment planned a fitness shoot; it happens when you have talented and generous friends. Ja took my photos and active fashion online retailer Carbon 38 allowed me to pull out pieces from their LA headquarters. The images from that perfect SoCal day actually inspired me to write about this, sharing with you my strategy on how I tackle my travels. If you’re looking to shed a few pounds while away, this probably isn’t for you… If you want to adopt a 360 approach to wellbeing, read on!

JUICE Oh, my favorite! Locate the nearest place with fresh, or cold pressed, offerings. If your diet is completely going to sh*t, at least make sure you’re getting sufficient servings of fruit and vegetables each day, every day. Juice is the tastiest way to do this. It should provide your daily allowance of fiber (depending on what ratio of produce you’re having) and keep your ‘movement’ regular. Another plus is that antioxidant blends will keep immunity high so that you’re less likely to get sick.

ja077WATER Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. It can be easy to forget about H2O while out and about, but it’s best to keep all systems going by drinking a minimum of 2.5 liters over 24 hours – that’s the intake I follow. Get it in whenever you can. Traveling from city A to B (to C to D in some cases!) can cause dehydration and so can being out in the sun longer than your body is used to. Have a bottle of water handy everywhere you go to be safe.

ja073PLAN If you’re anything like me (and my husband, and my family and my friends…), a bulk of the itinerary is centered around food, glorious food. Spots can range anywhere from vegan Mexican tacos to artisanal ice cream. There’s nothing wrong with that at all; the key here is to plan properly. If I know we’re going to cheese’y and carb’y pizza for dinner, I’ll opt to hit up the acai bowl café for breakfast. Instead of, let’s say, that bakery brunch we also want to try. That can wait for another day.

ja079WALK Take that stroll after dinner. Opt to be on foot to breakfast. Take it a step further –see what I did there– and arrange an active agenda. I’m so thankful my family enjoys hikes, nature walks and trails. Not only do they make for pretty photos, but we also get to bond and talk all the while. I know some people like to explore cities by bike, that’s awesome. I’ve yet to try that. If you cannot stick to your regular workout regimen (I wish I could continue private Pilates everywhere I went!), give yourself a well-deserved breather and look forward to picking up your routine when you get back home!

ja082GO FOR IT Like I said in the beginning, it’s vacation after all. Something to remember is, “Eat with pleasure, not with guilt.” Are you   really going to Paris without biting into a Nutella crepe?! Or, depriving yourself to eat through Italy one pasta dish at a time? Of course not. Keeping your mind healthy is equally as important as keeping your body healthy. Why not use your holiday to make sure this mentality is aligned, that way you come home recharged, relaxed and refueled. Check, check, check!

ja076PHOTOS :: Ja Tecson MAKEUP :: Mae  ACTIVEWEAR :: Carbon 38