IMG_6774I secured in my pocket the golden ticket to an informative and hands-on gelato master class. Unilever opened the doors to their state of the art lab and offered a lesson on Italian style ice cream, taught by Chef Miko Aspiras and hosted by Carte D’Or. We learned that the label is present mostly in Europe, being the U.K’s number one premium ice cream brand – offering a wide product line of frozen desserts. Now, making its debut in South East Asia, starting here in the Philippines! You’re in for a ‘cool’ treat.



IMG_6767Carte D’Or prides itself in sourcing ingredients from where they’re made best. Their dairy is Australian, so the milky and creamy base sets the tone for smooth, dense and delicious pints. The varieties that’ll roll out first are Double Dark Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Hazelnut and Pistachio. We got to try most of them, except for the Chocolate Hazelnut. My chocoholic self lauds that the Belgium cocoa translates into a rich and dark flavored scoop. What really swooned me, though, was the Salted Caramel; silky-smooth with an addictive sweet-salty balance. I’m sure the buttah down undah has something to do with it! Admitting that Pistachio isn’t my favorite (it seemed to be everyone else’s!), California’s seasonal bounty turns this star component into a delectable, nutty creation. It was the primed choice for our session.



IMG_6794We worked in groups to craft gelato from only 5 ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, pistachio paste and pistachios. I want to highlight the paste; it’s plainly roasted pistachios grounded into a pure paste. Now I know where that extra punch comes from. Not to state the obvious, but you really do gain more appreciation for something when you get a closer look into how it’s made… And even more so when you undergo the process! Once our mixture was ready, it went into the, get ready for it… “Ferrari of gelato machines” they called it. Churning away, we were fascinated by the metal hook moving up and down swirling our green pantone liquid. Ah, the       science behind it all. Before we knew it, we were sprinkling more pistachios on frozen, fluffy clouds of our own house-made gelato. It’s safe to say that a little more flair has been inserted into our local ice cream selection.



IMG_6790I’ll leave you wanting more… Only because that’s what they did to us 😋 At the very end of our master class Chef Miko told us to look out for upcoming flavors, upgraded yet nostalgic combinations. Can’t wait!

IMG_6672PHOTOS :: Ginggoy Lotho, Me