Chris, Jon and myself stepped into Charlie Bird NYC and found ourselves walking in to the opposite of an informal lunch we were searching for. Turns out, it wasn’t necessarily an awful thing. This was our free day as mom and dad ventured into Woodbury; the ‘kids’ -that’s us!- opted out of premium outlet shopping. Intending to […]

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I haven’t updated my blog in what is just shy of one month, shame on me. I want to move right along, push some posts out so that I can share more from the trip I am currently on. I’m at a cafe in San Jose [in Costa Rica, with Jon] on an 8-hour layover […]

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If I were to post in chronological order, Graffiti Sublime Coffee would have been numero uno for the trip. We landed in LAX at 9am [thanks for picking us up, Chris!] and by noon we were already grabbing caffeine before our 1pm lunch reservation. Our friends’ place is inside the Fairfax – La Brea – […]

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If only it was as easy as 1-2-3 to bring over Jean-Georges’ A-B-C Kitchen. Or, as simple as do re mi to replicate a similar chic New American eatery. Ok, I’ll stop. Whilst I dream about having something comparable in Manila, you’ll have to visit Manhattan’s Flat Iron District for the real deal. This is […]

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Holy #HITME. For this post, I’m starting with dessert first from Catch NYC. This really shouldn’t surprise you if you know me well… Thank you to my new hero aka pastry chef Thiago Silva for inventing a meal-ender of roasted white chocolate ice cream, a brownie base, a slice of Devil’s food cake and a […]

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Oh my gulayyy! Something has been cooking and it’s out of the [toaster] oven and served online for all of you, my friends. I’m thrilled to announce that I have my chance to cook in front of the camera and share the experience first-hand in this digital space. This is all quite new to me, I’m […]

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After checking in to our wondrous [single] pavilion, Jon and I were feeling peckish. Our room was located in the central area of the     resort, which meant we were also very close to Faces – the al fresco restaurant at The Bale overlooking the main pool. You have the option to go there for […]

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Meet Mamasan’s “found and foraged” cousin, Hujan Locale. When we dined in Seminyak, we learned that the same restaurant group recently opened their first outlet in Ubud. Since we enjoyed our meal so much, we decided to plan our day trip to the uplands of Bali centered around what else but f-o-o-d. While driving through […]

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When we told some of our friends we were going to Bali in April, Mamasan was a common thread amongst the places that came up for suggestions on where to eat. I remember Jon and I tried to go last time we were visiting in 2011, but we weren’t able to secure a reservation. This […]

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Corner House represents the type of place I look for while on holiday; somewhere that combines a passion for good food, coffee, dessert and design all together in one welcoming high-ceilinged room. The all-day dining restaurant is set on the corner *obv* of the street that turns into the busy and buzzing Jalan Oberoi. For […]

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