What does it mean to be a responsible, or conscious, consumer? A vast subject to comprehend, but if you haven’t started already, it’s something we all need to explore. Words like eco-friendly and green-living are thrown around, but do we really know the underlying groundwork where these terms come from. When I started working with […]

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I know, it’s vacation. Why are ‘healthy’, ‘juice’, and ‘exercise’ even part of this post?! Up until a few years ago, I would have thought the same… I couldn’t pass on tips back then for balancing wellness on the go. Noticeably, I have embraced, for lack of better words, “healthy living”, in my late 20s […]

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Today, Patti’s Palette is recognizing my 1 year anniversary with Yoga Hive! After 12 months of regular Yin and Vinyasa classes, I feel certified, and courageous, enough to share some related thoughts based on my student experience within the four corners of my purple -Manduka!- mat. I was pondering what to write about; my favorite […]

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Revitalise Calm



“Her consistent drive to better herself, and the grace and poise she’s upheld with, are mantras that we at Certified Calm can wholeheartedly endorse. Want to know more? Check out the rest of her interview, and her take at #RevitaliseCalm, below!” Thank you, Certified Calm 💚 Full feature here. Likewise, I resonate with the community you’re building and […]

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HUM Nutrition



Summer bodies are made in winter. So they say. The truth is, no matter the season, motivating yourself to eat healthy (and exercise!) can be challenging. Since we’re well into October here in the Philippines, that basically means the country and its people are already in Merry Christmas mode. If you’re not familiar with the […]

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Where was SunLife Organics when I was in college?! This really would have helped during my ‘Freshman 15’ phase that lasted my   entire first, and partly second, year at Pepperdine. What used to be a Mexican taqueria back in the day (you can just imagine how many cheese quesadillas I inhaled…) is now a […]

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Extending the lifetime of my Philippine Daily Inquirer Article, I’m expounding further on my Pilates experience thus far. It’s not often I get features on fitness and exercise, although this space is something I am increasingly drawn to. There is so much gratitude in me towards the warm individuals at Vivian Zapanta Pilates Studio, for welcoming […]

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“Ubud is where all the yogis and hippies are.” That’s what a lady in Seminyak expressed to us when we told of our plans to venture out for a day trip. While I don’t think that’s necessarily true (stereotype much?), those of them that are in the area would probably find themselves at Alchemy. Jon […]

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I don’t chase rainbows, I drink them. I’m a huge juice person, I start almost every day with fruits and veggies in liquid form. It must be a lifestyle habit that I picked up from living with my parents and now have continued on my own. Everyone has different health goals but juicing for me […]

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