Don’t We All Just Want to Clean Less and Live More?



Well, it looks like there’s a way to quickly clean and refresh your toilet with ease.

DSCF0495The New Mr Muscle® Fresh Discs

‘Nap when the baby naps. Do laundry when the baby does laundry.’

You’ve seen that meme, right? While my son is fascinated with the washing machine, he has not yet learned how to use it. You can bet, though, that while he’s sleeping I am sorting out clothes and putting them away. Reflecting back on the baby months, because apparently I have a toddler now, it was challenging for me to stay put while Neo was laid down. I was frequently up and about –      tidying up, neatening and yes, even straightening things out!

My husband, and just about anyone who visited, would tell me to chill out and “relax.” For those who know me, I’m big on structure and organization, so that advice pretty much went in one ear and out the other.

Cleaning, too, goes hand in hand with me being on the move at home. Believe it or not, I enjoy wiping, disinfecting and sterilizing! You can just imagine how puzzled people are to know I spend precious minutes, sometimes hours on these things.

DSCF0500Checking out The New Mr Muscle® Fresh Discs in our powder room

When I was introduced to the new Mr Muscle® Fresh Discs and learned there’s a way to keep the toilet clean without having to touch it… My reaction was, “Sign me up!” I’ll try out anything that supports me with outsmarting life’s messes, allowing me to focus on what truly matters: quality time with Jon, Neo, and Truffles.

DSCF0511First Step: LOAD the dispenser gel tube into the blue handle until it clicks and remove the cover

And true enough, the three simple LOAD – STAMP – FLUSH actions afforded me a break and a chance to #CleanLessLiveMore. I found it much easier than hanging rim blocks because the gel dissolves on its own; you’re not required to remove anything or get in contact with the bowl at all.

However, you ought to start with a clean one before using the discs, and naturally, I recommend Mr Muscle® Toilet Bowl Cleaner for that. Back to the product, the formula leaves a flush-activated protective shield, which helps repel limescale. That is important for me – ultimately, it means reduced work.

DSCF0524This is what is looks like when you STAMP the open end of the gel tube against the toilet bowl while pressing the button; lift the handle and a small gel disc will be stuck to the bowl

I never saw any icky-ness after a full day of guests popping in. I can “relax” (my version!) because I know the discs fight stains that    harbor germs while providing ongoing freshness. The tubes come in two different fragrances: lavender and citrus, and the scents continuously refresh with every flush. Your bathroom will always smell like someone’s attending to it. Just how it should be…

DSCF0517I ended up using The New Mr Muscle® Fresh Discs in all the bathrooms!

Honestly, I find these tasks therapeutic – it’s part of how I cope with the chaos of motherhood. By restoring order with effective tools, I’m less stressed… Which means I’m a better version of “wife” and “mama” and overall, ME.