Hello, June bugs! I’m hoping to skip over explaining my hiatus since February and just focus on making the next six months worth your time here at Patti’s Palette. Let’s start with the mid-year trip I recently took with the Herrera’s. My dearest mother-in-law just turned 65 (don’t worry, she and all of us, are proud of it!) and we celebrated in what’s known as ‘the last ecological frontier of the Philippines’. Palawan boasts scenic landscapes and high bio-diversity and we are undeniably spoiled to have this sanctuary of islands just a couple of hours away by plane.

Jon was affectionately dubbed the ‘Instagram Husband’ during the vacation, so I’m going to share with you some of the pictures I posted to social media. We really got to take everything slow and give our souls a chance to catch up with our bodies. Tropical living was such a treat where water came plentiful from coconuts and there was absolutely no traffic hopping from one island to the next…

IMG_6415IMG_6318IMG_6638IMG_6569IMG_6308IMG_6414IMG_6531IMG_6528IMG_6882IMG_6568IMG_6702We stayed with the El Nido Resorts group on Lagen Island. Jon and I have lodged at Pangulasian Island before and now that I know the difference, I can say that Pangulasian is perfect for couples that want a honeymoon, eco-luxury experience. Lagen, on the other hand, is great for big groups traveling together. We were nine, including a baby. Our stay was entirely relaxing; every backdrop was either crystal clear water, pristine beaches or lush flora and fauna. We swam, kayaked, hiked, snorkeled and napped. Wake up the next day and repeat all over again! Some highlights were exploring the Big and Small Lagoon, feeding the jackfish on Miniloc Island and taking our picnic lunches on private, tranquil sands. Thank you ‘Mommy C’ for a unique family-bonding event.

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