ECX_8088Research shows that it is when you are perceived to be different that people start bullying you. Penshoppe is encouraging everyone to take a stand. They’ve printed black and white I AM DIFFERENT t-shirts that you can purchase to make a statement; the proceeds will go to anti-bullying education programs for schools in the Philippines. Each piece is unique and one of a kind, with its own serial number carefully sewn on the back.

By being part of a campaign like this, my intention is for it to shed light on this negative universal experience and inspire the younger generation -and our peers- to be more conscious and openhearted. We need to have kinder thoughts and kinder actions towards one another. I hope that this advocacy grows, with wider reach, so that it can create change within schools, amongst relationships, throughout the workplace, etc. as this issue is so relevant worldwide.

My name is Patti Grandidge Herrera and I proudly support #IamDifferent, the Anti-bullying campaign of Penshoppe.

It’s okay to be different. Different is good. I AM DIFFERENT.

Be part of the movement.