JANUARY 8 2016



It was around this time in 2015 that I posted my first entry announcing the 2.0 version of Patti’s Palette, a ‘relaunch’ if you will. One year later, I am still here -I made it 365 days in the blogosphere, yay!-  and now revealing a first for my site… A video *gasp* Instead of taking food and travel photos with my camera, Jon convinced me to experiment with the record button. He offered to capture footage and teach me how to edit a trailer style account of our trip – isn’t he the best?!

I knew that the perfect opportunity to try this out would be my, at the time, upcoming jaunt to Hong Kong with la familia. We would all be complete, Chris was still on holiday from Pepperdine, and we already had fun activities lined up for my birthday weekend. Without further ado, I present to you what turning 29 (ah!) looked like…

I am considerably proud of my snappy iMovie 101 tutorial – what do you think?! My only regret is that we didn’t film more. I now have a better idea of what to do for next time. I think. There’s a first for everything and I’m so glad Jon pushed me to try something new. This was just a quick slice of the quality time I got to spend celebrating with my family and some of my closest friends.

Below are some of the places, as seen in the video, I would have taken pictures and written about if I were using a point and shoot. They are definitely worth checking out and you’ll notice some of them are repeats from previous Hong Kong adventures.

Morning Trail I got everyone to go on a Birthday hike with me on the day proper. We took the Morning Trail up that ends at The Peak – the breathtaking views of the harbor and the city is more than worth the light trek.

Fish & Meat My Birthday dinner took place at one of my favourites in Hong Kong, I have posted about it before here.

Chino No trip to Hong Kong is complete without a meal at Chino – we established that rule last time we visited. I have posted about it before here.

Mana This is a new find! We stayed in Central and found ourselves on Wellington Street a handful of times. They call it ‘Fast Slow Food’ – it’s a Vegan / Vegetarian spot that has crazy long lines come corporate lunch hour. I’m into it.

XYZ We unexpectedly got invited to do a workout at XYZ, Hong Kong’s top spinning studio. Now we know where to go to burn off all the dim sum!

Pressed Juices Being the juice buff that I am, it’s no surprise we came here again. They now offer more than just liquids, so I tried one of their breakfast jars – the coconut yogurt parfait. Give me more, please! I have posted about the drinks before here.

Lily & Bloom This is a bar and restaurant concept from the guys behind Volar and Fly – Jon DJ’d at Fly and killed it!