Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. Life also happens to be the name of an organic, all-natural café nestled on the slanty Shelley Street in SoHo. This spot was recommended to me by my sister-in-law (Hi, Vicky!) and boy, she knows me well. I do love to balance rich, carby and sweet with wholesome, gluten free and vegan, you know! When these types of restaurants are on the agenda, I usually just tell J that we are eating “at a healthy place.” That’s all I need to say, and he really doesn’t fuss about it. I’ve heard some males react otherwise (think making faces and eye rolls), so I’m considering myself lucky here.

We shared the hummus to start. There was a choice between warm pita or flaxseed crackers, and I chose the latter. Jon ordered an avocado club that came with sweet potato fries, which I kept repeatedly reaching over for. If you want your sandwiches made with GF bread, they make it clear on the menu that it’s an option. The hubs didn’t take it that far, but -just fyi- I think I would’ve. I got a mushroom pizza that was generously topped with oyster, shitake and button mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, truffle oil and rocket. -I guess this is the 10% I told you about here– The crust was GF, by the way. I forgot if I requested for it, or if all the dough is already made that way. I respect establishments that can offer 100% plant-based menus and execute the dishes well. I got the vibe that Life is someplace that can slightly boast about their repeat and loyal customers… I’ll have to return so I can fall under that category, too!