I’m thrilled to be able to share this cover with you, on my newly launched blog, no less! Talk about timing.

The EIC of Makeup Magazine gave me the go-signal to post a couple of images from our shoot, which was taken just before the holidays last year. I must also mention that this day was quite special as the Editor in Chief mentioned above is Kim Jones-Rosales, a close friend of mine in and out of the ‘biz. We’ve worked as a duo in front of TV cameras –“Capsules for the stylish youth!”– and           currently, we endorse ForMe together. I was touched when Kim asked me to be on the cover of her first issue as the newly appointed guest EIC. I trust Kim 100%, and if you’re familiar with Miss Jones, you know anything she attaches her name to is executed no less than perfect. I was in good hands. It was fun to see another side of her, behind the scenes, ensuring that the entire team nailed her vision. Please note (no falsies) and (visible brow hairs) for the cover look… Yasss!

PHOTOS :: Advan Ramirez MAKEUP :: Emer Buenaventura HAIR :: Mark Familara 

  • bebettes

    Please, feature how to put make – up the Naturelle style like you do.