SHIH_5158SHIH_5224SHIH_5179From Etcetera to Estée Lauder! Who knew Lil and I would cross paths again after hanging up our ‘stylish youth’ hats on that TV set. She’s now a makeup consultant for Estée Lauder Philippines and we’ve seen each other countless times since I joined the beloved brand in 2013. I was recently her muse (naks) in Mega Magazine’s Path to Artistry, underscoring Lilian’s career in the beauty world. I loved the photos so much that I submitted an outtake -and shared the rest here!- to The Makeup Addicts for my Celebrity Spotlight profile.

Here’s an excerpt from my interview; full feature here.

What makeup do you usually carry in your bag?

Since my purses seem to be getting smaller, it’s limiting me to carry less. Right now, I only have room for mascara, lip gloss, lip stick and perfume. These are all in travel/mini sizes, too!

Where do you go makeup shopping?

I find that most of my beauty purchases take place either when I’m traveling abroad or in airports. Why is that?!

Everyday/Go To look?

Since most of my days don’t require much glam, I like to go for barely-there makeup; a rosier, more even-toned version of my       natural skin. I usually achieve this with Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Cushion BB, their Little Black Primer and a matte lip tint.

Beauty advice you know to be true?

All the ‘boring’ and ‘tedious’ habits actually work! Like drinking plenty of water and washing your face before hitting the hay.

Who’s your beauty icon?

I’ve always admired original super models Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington and I’m still inspired by how they’re ageing gracefully.

Favorites/Must Haves?

Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Nude Water Fresh, Physiogel’s Calming Relief A.I Cream and AERIN’s Evening Rose eau de parfum spray.

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