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Named after NYC’s first ever Chinese convenience store on 32 Mott Street, the basement of Central’s Standard Chartered Bank Building is telling quite the tale… From the moment you travel down the escalators to find yourself descending again, this time down the spiral staircases and finally arriving in the dining space. And what a space it is. Silk screened walls, antique vases and ornaments,       calligraphy paintbrushes, and abacus light fixtures are just a few of the grand Oriental touches in the restaurant, designed by Joyce Wang.

The entrance alone was already getting me excited for Chinese food. Let’s be honest, high-end Chinese food. The cuisine is primarily     Cantonese with some Sichuan and Beijing plates. The Peking Duck and Iberico Pork Char Siu are no doubt the starred menu items, but you won’t see them at my table. I’m more of a fish and vegetable kind of gal and at Mott 32, it’s certainly not boring. I saw the ‘Evening Dimsum’ section and instantly eyed out the Winter Vegetable Mushroom Siu Mai. For starters we also got Deep Fried Diced Cod Fillets, covered with lots of golden garlic (mmm!) and spiced salt. Another plate we had was the Free Range Chicken with Jon’s   favorite dried chili and Szechuan red peppers. Thinking everything was going to be on the smaller side, we ordered two vegetables – Wok Fried Kale and Sautéed String Beans. My favorite, though, was our Black Cod and Potato Clay Pot; I’ve found my Chinese version of fish ‘n chips! Read: I’m going back for the buttery cod and those thick, chunky potato blocks. As if all that wasn’t enough, add some Crispy Noodles with Bamboo Piths, Mushrooms and Green Vegetables to our meal, please. For two, we could have ordered less (by that I really mean just take away one of the greens) but I’m not complaining. All the ingredients were of high quality, the preparations excellent and the modern twists did not take away from the core of the traditional cooking. Our first dining experience at Mott 32 was superb; I can’t wait to return and perhaps, try me some lunch!


  • bebettes

    will be recommending this to friends too— we did the lunch dimsum– dinner will have to do experience.