NYE 2014



The best time to start was yesterday; the next best time is NOW.

God knows (some people reading this do, too!) how long I have been putting off this first blog post, welcoming you back to Patti’s Palette, but this time version 2.0. I was waiting for the right moment, to feel it… There was always an excuse, “I have to finish so and so for Sweet Patti Cakes,” or “I’m too busy thinking about this and that.” Very many of us postpone and procrastinate, and I will be the first to admit I am guilty. We say that we will be and do our best when we have more time, when we complete particular projects that consume us, or when things start to slow down. I mean, have you heard of anything in this day and age ‘slowing down’?! January 1 has already come and gone and it is also the start of my personal New Year *blows out the candles on my chocolate birthday cake*, so I am compelled to ask no one but myself :: If not now, then when?

Well, here I am composing my entry. Without repeating what’s in the About section, I’d really just like to welcome you to my teeny, tiny corner of the Internet. Realizing that everyone and their mamas have blogs, it is my hope that you will visit Patti’s Palette, stay as long or as little as you like, and get an insight to my taste for life. My logo has four different icons that are pretty self-explanatory, so I think you have a grasp of the content you’ll find on my site. We can always get into more detail in the next few entries, this has           already become much longer than I had intended. Now, I’d like to quietly transition to the main portion of this post (aka New Years Eve in Saigon) as if I never had to type this lengthy preface…

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As you will soon figure out, one of my biggest passions is traveling. After all, I have lived in 7 different countries since birth and my mom used to be a flight attendant. Last year (I’m referring to 2014 for those of you who haven’t quite gotten the hang ‘2015’ yet), it was my first time to spend New Years Eve away from Mom & Dad as my husband and I planned a trip to Vietnam with two other     couples. It was also another first, for Jon and myself to spend New Years Eve in a different country; we have always celebrated in Manila together with our families.

Being ‘up in the sky’ with like-minded couples was a refreshing start to enter another year. By the way, the restaurant we celebrated at is called Sorae, which translates to ‘up in the sky’ in Japanese. See what I did there? Ok, moving right along… We experienced new style, delicious Japanese cuisine in a contemporary and spacious -1,000 sqm- atmosphere. Guests, including ourselves, were             enjoying smooth sake, wine and of course some bubbly on the 25th floor overlooking the stunning city views of Saigon. One of the best memories from the evening before the clock struck midnight was each of us going around the table and sharing our Top 3       Moments of 2014. While I was listening to the others and also vocalizing my own reasons as for why we chose what we did, I couldn’t help but think that despite the challenges and at times being uncomfortable, there really is so much to thank Him for. Truthfully, we all had a tough time narrowing it down to only three. The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to               celebrate. Happy New Year and cheers to my first entry finally being over and done with!