physiogel KV1 FA crosswise-01-02As promised, I’m sharing with you my outcome from the #FreeInMySkin Quiz. Drum roll please… enter the Charismatic Motivator! This classified me as a mentor, boss, sister, friend, and everyone’s role model. The result stated that my inner strength and sensitivity touches others, convincing them to think big and conquer bigger. I consider myself to be upbeat, fun-loving and optimistic. At the same time, I’m a dreamer and I love to create. Maybe that makes me a natural motivator… What do you think?! 

The Freedom List Challenge is a multiple-choice questionnaire; it’s Physiogel’s suggested guide that shows what women can achieve when they are free in their skin. In the video you see a portion of my Freedom List and believe it or not, most of those items are     coming into fruition as we speak! The half marathon needs some more time, please. I want you, as well, to unleash your capabilities and talents in order to live life to the fullest. Please know that dry and sensitive skin doesn’t have to last forever. It’s my hope to inspire women out there and allow them to witness that renewed confidence can be achieved by a simple change in skincare. Believing in yourself and seeing the difference will result in a rich, positive outlook on life. Cheers to empowered Filipinas!