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When traveling, I’m constantly on the hunt for fresh juice. Nowadays, it’s becoming easier and easier to find as juice bars and healthy eats are -finally- making their way as a mainstay, just like coffee shops and bakeries. In Hong Kong, I struck gold and found Pressed Juices in Central and we managed to make it there each morning. It’s everything you would imagine a cute, city juicery to be; spirited staff, a recipe book titled ‘KALE’, wooden surfaces and shelving, and pops of green plants and citruses. All of which made it straightforward for me to style quick photos before sipping my bottled concoctions. All the juices above were mine except for the Strawberry Mylk – that was Jon’s that I borrowed to pair in the shot with my Espresso Almond Mylk. Try the juices, try the mylks and I’m sure you’ll find it to be, as they say… + Positively Life Changing +

PHOTOS :: J, Me NAILS :: St. Nails

  • cgrandidge

    Keep em coming, I’m keeping up 🙂

    • PattisPalette

      hi! thanks for coming back!

  • bebettes

    We love juicing… I am glad you continued on your own. Spread that out especially when you are starting a family. Something that me and dad proud about you to do on your own. It will bring you a long way of journey to your wellness. Having a clean, green, pure, fresh, lifestyle is something you cannot buy, it can be experienced ~~~~and it is great to Share and Give you think made you something within you. It’s a so organic!

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