_MG_6732-jhon_MG_7630 copy-jhon_MG_6602-jhon_MG_7096-jhon_MG_6410-jhon_MG_7362-jhonExcuse me while I break up the Hong Kong posts with a little bit of… Me. This is one of the many reasons I’m so upbeat to have made the decision to revive Patti’s Palette; the freedom of having your own website gives you 100% control. One of the rare occasions where you can be in command of the conversation surrounding… YOU! YOU have the power to show different sides of your           personality and character -in color, animation, audio, and even video- all the while displaying it in a way that’s unique to, you guessed it… YOU.

With that being said, I want to share one of my favorite features from last year. My ‘Out of the Shadows’ interview with Star Style came out in October 2014 and I loved the approach of how the images depicted me in looks that I’m not typically sporting in my fashion and skincare endorsements. I was told to channel a Stepford wife, you know the spineless and submissive type who serves to her man’s every whim? Hold up, they said dark Stepford wife. I think I pulled it off; the ‘un’ cookie-cutter wife who’s certainly not bland in appearance and behavior. It was a fine and fierce way to switch it up for an online editorial, and Star Style was just the right avenue. I’ve selected photos that weren’t in their article, so that you can see more of what we shot. I’ll be posting other shoots under my Fashion & Beauty category so come back soon for more!

PHOTOS :: Paolo Pineda STYLE :: Bea Constantino MAKEUP :: Hanna Pechon HAIR :: Darwin Sablayan NAILS :: St. Nails