I sat down to write today with the intention of saying Thank You. Salamat for sticking around, staying on the ride and joining in on my moments along the way. With the growing number of platforms and all kinds of accounts these days, there are just nonstop options of who and what to follow. The lifeblood of social media is content and the ‘game’ is strong right now. To be honest, sometimes I have hesitations sharing so much so publicly. Partly because it opens you up to judgment, trolls and unnecessary negativity. I’d rather just have my favorite gal pals over and talk about the more ‘serious stuff’ in an intimate face-to-face setting. I prefer to keep it light, fun, optimistic and inspiring online.

ja050Truth be told, a good chunk of my posts are ‘later grams’ published days, even months, after the fact and hardly ever in real time. On occasion I enjoy the fact that I can be ‘off the grid’ and afford not to always let people know what I’m up to when it appears that an increasing amount of users feel the need to keep up or stay relevant. **No shade. I LOVE to follow profiles that broadcast multiple daily snaps and stories and reveal all of the day to day – I could just never personally do it myself.  Currently putting forth effort on writing more truths and putting out what my audience responds to. Anyways, props and please carry on for followers slash fans like me.**

ja037That being said, the online community can be really positive and encouraging and I do enjoy that engagement and interaction with all of you the most. I noticed that before when I was on TV and billboards, I had more communication and possibly further reach. Maybe because I was more visible? Who knows. Well, hopefully my other passions like health, wellness, travel and food have kept you entertained since those days.

ja049To those who have started with me from the beginning: Gracias for the kindhearted support. I may be reconnecting with some of you, and to others, this might even be an introduction. Either way, thanks for showing interest in my corner of the digital world – be it this blog, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook.

ja039Well, this is getting longer -and deeper!- than planned. Let’s wrap it up… I recently announced my pregnancy and it has given birth to the awareness that I’ll be embarking on a brand new adventure for the first time that will undoubtedly be part of my life from here on out: Motherhood. That also prompted me to write this update of sorts, I guess. Just feeling tremendously grateful about life and also for gaining more blessings to let you in on, but mainly… THANK YOU, for listening now and being there throughout.

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