Last week’s launch is up there as one of my favorite events that I’ve attended all year – 2016 isn’t over until it’s over, guys! Indeed, as the recipes I tried were the results of many months of trial and error, product development, research and taste tests. I am awfully     delighted Bianca Elizalde identifies with the quote, ‘Never Give Up. Great Things Take Time.’ She had been pregnant with her [real life] baby and this baby at the same time. So what am I fussing about?! Well, I was invited to the first wholesome gathering to present The Wholesome Bakery.

img_6003img_5986If you’re familiar with The Wholesome Table, you’d know that, summarized, their manifesto reads Eat Consciously. Live Consciously. The new bakery, under the same brand, shares the unchanged philosophy wherein all offerings are a line of gluten free, refined     sugar free, sometimes vegan baked goods and pastries. Whether you have serious celiac disease, certain food intolerances or just want to cut back on the ‘bad stuff’, Bianca assures the reaction, “I can’t believe this is gluten free!” Now, you have my guarantee as well.

img_6010img_5997We were presented with an earthy and rustic stylized table full of cookies, muffins, cupcakes, loaves, bars and cakes. The sight was absolutely sinful and the best was part knowing that we’d be eating with pleasure sans guilt. By ‘we’, I’m speaking of a group of us that are avid supporters of The Wholesome Table, owned by Bianca Elizalde. Yup, we’re the ‘regulars’ and we got first dibs on all the delicious treats! Lucky us *smirk*

img_6008img_5992If I had to pick my top 3 – make it top 5 – from the afternoon, it would be the chocolate cake, nanaimo bar, callebaut chocolate chip cookie, chocolate muffin and banana bread. Wondering what a nanaimo bar is? We were. It’s a dessert that layers a chocolate biscuit base, followed by buttercream and topped with a smooth and glossy layer of ganache. I highly suggest you try Bianca’s wholesome take on this iconic Canadian no-bake confection.

img_6027 img_6024Congratulations Bianca, once again, on having, in her own words, “A bakery! A bakery my ridiculously health-conscious self is not guilty of calling my own!”

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